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June 4, 2009

I’m over at my friend Garfield’s and he’s taken out a game called Stare. On it are pictures of tiny paintings which one stares at for 20 seconds, than answers questions. It’s harder than it seems.

Garfield tries to teach me a memory trick so that I can do better. Because physical is memorable, and visualization is a mind-power thing.

“Stand straight, relaxed, knees slightly bent-” he models this for me.

I follow his direction.

“Imagine a tangerine shaped object behind your head. Doesn’t have to be a tangerine–”

I picture a tiny monkey with a wide grin and cymbals.

He continues, “…but just about that size. Just at the top back of your head, right here, That’s where you want the information to go, Now imagine it floating back three inches… ”

i shriek and leap forward and spin around! All at once! Oh my god!

“Whoa!” he says. “That is not the reaction I was expecting!”

I say, “I imagined this monkey. And then it was floating RIGHT BEHIND MY HEAD WITH CYMBALS AND IT WAS EVIL.” Could. Not. Handle It!!!

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