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Resources: Articles of Useful, not of Clothing

June 2, 2009

Oh, I love the lame jokes. Articles of Clothing. Get it? Oh man. Sorry, I’m really not trying to scare away my lovely lurkers, promise.

Anyways, I thought I would do a list of some things on the internet worth reading, proof that there are artists who are not starving, et cetera.

Shary Boyle on Kingdom of Style one of my favorite fashion blogs- regularly update as a bonus! Our Queen takes a peek at Shary Boyle- and I even got a little mention for pointing Shary out! Although I think I was second because I was so excited I didn’t notice someone said it first. Yay team!

10 Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Designers Keeping clients happy, encouraging them to stick with you as a freelancer. As long as you’re the one doing the marketing, this will be helpful!

Twitter Backgrounds A place to get someone to make you a twitter background. I make twitter backgrounds for $5, Perry-Belcher style, but if you make twitter backgrounds this would be a place to get started. Nice layout, easy navigation. I approve.

How to Make Money as A Freelance Artist Just what it says. More vague ideas than action steps, though, and I think artists have lots of ideas, not enough action steps. I’ve heard the idea “You should put your art in a cafe!” a zillion times, but has it happened? Nope. I am just as much a procrastinator as you are.

Create a Web Magazine An online magazine was the idea I had for my first website, All the Stuff. While I no longer maintain it, it’s still reasonably popular with the tween ringette crowd. The connection? Maybe you can do better than my eighth-grade self.

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