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Twitter Backgrounds & A Fire Inside

May 28, 2009

My favorite band ever is AFI. I think Davey Havok is all kinds of pretty, and I use him as my good looking male archetype. I had pictures of him on the wall of my dorm room, and I bought two of the Black Sails in the Sunset CD’s- one of which I framed and is still sitting on my dresser at home. I would look at it now, but I’m subletting my apartment and won’t be living there for another week.

You’re like, “Katana, AFI sucks. You’ll grow out of it. Davey Havok looks like a girl. He has a whiney voice. Their drums all sound the same!” 

But so pretty! And I spent most of my time with Lady Gaga these days anyways.

Anyways, my point is not that every dude needs false eyelashes. The point is that we all like to have our favorite things surrounding us and we like to look at the faces of people we admire. So that is why you need a custom twitter background, so your followers can see who’s behind those clever things you’re saying and maybe find your blog and then maybe all kinds of wonderful social-media type things will happen.

This is not a post about why social media is awesome, it is a post about why if you have a crappy Twitter background it’s the equivalent of putting on khaki pants and a t-shirt that says “I’m out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?” when you go out to meet new friends. Chances are those new friends are not going to look like Davey Havok.

And yunno, if you don’t like Davey Havok, make your twitter background attractive to someone who likes golfing, and maybe you’ll find yourself a bunch of followers who are wearing golf tees over those khaki pants. THERE YOU GO! Win all around.

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