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Think Big And Kick Ass

May 26, 2009

Havi Brooks says that to acknowledge one’s baggage and “stuff” and slowly expand the comfort zone in order to become a bigger person, to put oneself out there. Her term for this is “biggification.”

Donald Trump is a big person. He refuses to think small. Every deal he makes is BIG. Take action, get out of your comfort zone, do your best, be passionate, and good things will come to you. I read his book and was like, “Now I want to go and make some deals!” However there is still the thing about not knowing how to be big or being afraid i”m not enough of an expert.

When I was little and going to a new school, I would read books at every moment. They were just much easier than socializing and meeting people. In fact I would still rather probably read than do.

On the other hand, I get pretty impatient with myself not living up to my potential. I am my own grade school teacher. Haha. Anyways, it’s inevitable. Being a famous artist. I want to make it inevitable for lots of other people too because I don’t like to do things alone.

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