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Setting a Path and How to Get a Design Job

May 20, 2009


When I decided I wanted to one day have work in the Vancouver Art Gallery I went down there and asked what I needed to do. The answer was that they plan shows three YEARS in advance and you needed to have a pretty good C.V. So the first step was to get an art show, a goal I accomplished six months later.

This goal-setting thing is not unheard of- but it is so nicer when one has a bit of direction. Abstract goals don’t happen they are all “someday” and “maybe” until apparently we get too old and depressed to even think “someday” and that pretty much sucks. Don’t EVEN go there. If you’re there, get the fuck out and start setting some new goals. You don’t even need to be old to get stuck in the “it’s too late for me.” I am WAY too old to be a child prodigy, for example.

So, choosing a path and figuring out exactly what you need to get there. It’s like making a reverse flowchart- pick your goal and write backwards to figure out what you need to do to get there.

These are the steps laid out before you in How to Land A Design Job, Part One

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