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Tattoo Designer

April 29, 2009

Tattoos are really, really hot.

On everybody else but me. I can’t imagine looking at myself and seeing a tattoo, the lines that exist on my body are familiar and comfortable to me (even the unsightly ones!) and I am pretty happy about that.

But on basically everyone else, there is just something *catchy* about them, like a nice striped scarf or a pair of shiny heels, I can’t help but notice them for their aesthetic value. I like the faded crepe tissue look of them on old men- and I like hearing stories behind people’s tattoos. I knew a boy once, who had quit a meth addiction and worked in a kitchen, and he had some calligraphy in a line down his arm – nothing unusual- but the story he told about it was fascinting. Not really mine to tell, though.

Someone at work has asked me to design them a tattoo, and after spending a few minutes in photoshop and a few more minutes looking at references, I’ve sent off the design. I’m sure one could charge 20-30$ for this, and I’m not charging him, but if he reccomends me to anyone I’m going to charge them. You see? Affiliate bonus. Network marketing for artists?

For the amount of times I’ve been asked to design a tattoo, it really is the kind of thing I “ought to start charging for.”

And maybe give them a five dollar cupon towards their next one. Tattoos are, apparently, addictive.

And I will!

Anyone else designed a tattoo for someone else?

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