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Artists and Travel

April 28, 2009

Back in the day, artists’ best method of travel would be to hook up with a rich kid going on the Grand Tour. Basically, if you were rich a few centuries ago, you didn’t get a digital camera, you got a Travel Buddy/Artist Cam instead.

I pulled my own version of that on my trip to Mexico. A book of watercolour paper was augmented with a (film) camera. 7 years later, I am way more interested in the simple watercolour sketches= palms in San Diego, the long blonde hair of a girl holding a child, the clay tiled roof and black phone lines, and Tijuana’s amazing blue-gray twilight. The film is touristy and boring. You’ll have better luck showing drawings than vacation photos when it comes to bragging about your trip, too, I think!

If anyone would like a travel companion to paint the landscape, I would volunteer. It would be worth putting out there to travel companies et cetera. Did you know it’s only 80 some dollars to apply for your TICO license ( and become a travel agent? I would also reccomend for travel information.

I am looking into more relocation (my last was from Vancouver to Ottawa) and so my passport is up for renewal. There’s just a few things I need to do the express renewal via Passport Canada- the form can be downloaded and filled in online, than printed (handy, as I type fast), I have two volunteers for references, and I just need two photos. All information can be found here: —

I’m hoping for a “nice” picture. In my last one I have post-high-school grad hat hair.

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