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You can be Getting Things Done Fast!!

April 27, 2009

Today I spent 5.5 hours (Thanks, Itunes) on listening to David Allen’s Getting Things Done Fast.


It advocates writing every tiny little thing down, and filing it, freeing up the RAM in your mind and memory to more important, creative things instead of reminding and remembering and stressing. If it’s filed somewhere to pop out at you when you need it (lists like, “at home, at computer” filed in “take action” places) you can forget about it until The Right Moment.

It compares clearing ones’ mind, to a martial art. Like balance, it takes work at first, but once you have it, it is done without thinking, and you can get onto the important stuff like beating up the thugs in the alley or following your dreams.

I have a bunch of things written down and I feel really happy right now. I haven’t even finished implementing this stuff and I feel happy, therefore I can recommend it.

On the other hand, The Power of Focus has been on my To-Do list for MONTHS. It advocates a top-down system, where you start with your “best picture/dream life” and work in a reverse flow-chart to figure out what to do now to do it. While I like the theory, it just seemed to add so much to my already busy life that I was unwilling to even start- no amount of threat, cajoling, or reward could get me past the second step. (Believe me, we tried)

Strangely enough, David Allen’s system might get me closer to finishing the Power of Focus.

I believe in cross-hatching ideas, especially when they involve productivity and creativity and reaching goals. I have the rather large goal to reach of becoming a Famous Artist!

I think the reason that systems of organization are so important for artists is because we absolutely cannot afford to be wasting time on personal drama, procrastination, and paranoia (my personal favorite). And because we’re so creative it’s so easy to create big mental blocks so complete they’re practically stone walls with 50 year old vine trellises.

But the more we automate the little stuff to get done with minimal mental distraction, the more creative stuff we can get done and the faster I will be an artist of note and less a closet-full-of-art.


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