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Pricing Paintings and other Work

April 25, 2009

Art work should be priced so that you can make a living from it.

That’s it.

There’s a lot of writing out there about how to price your work, rules and expectations and standards. I am not interested in doing research to find out how every other mediocre artist is pricing their work right now, because I am aiming higher than that.

When it comes down to it, I set the value for my work and time myself, and there’s absolutely no reason to sell myself short.

And yes, selling oneself is a difficult proposition, and unfortunately, hookers have the social stigma we’re all afraid of. But hey, they get back out there, and so shouldn’t we? But hey, wouldn’t we like to be classy about it? Price yourself high.

How much are your materials, your hourly wage, how much do you need? Figure out your price of maintainance, and earn more than that. For myself, I would say 1500 a month would sustain me for rent, art, social life, sport, and the all important cat, beloved Steve.

Sales = Income.

If you’re doing your best work, and want to keep making more, it ought to pay for itself. With the right mix of marketing and networking and exposure, this is possible. Figure out how much you need, and start the price of your work there.

Of course there are other ways to bring in cash flow. I wish to own an apartment building or house, where the rent payments pay me, my apartment manager and maintenance, and the mortgage.

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