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Face Trade: Movies for a Portrait

April 20, 2009

Surrounded by my peers, at say, art school, or an opening, I wouldn’t make any promises about being special. That’s one of the treasures of art school is having people around who are equally or more talented. It’s inspiring, and at times frustrating, but especially wonderful when you have a bunch of people making art in the same room.

But I love getting one of those stop-gap jobs for this reason: They’re boring. I inevitably pull out my sketchbook, or find myself illustrating the “group work” activities in the training classes (call centers especially), and suddenly everyone thinks I am amazing. It’s “Oh, Katana, could you draw me a picture?” and “Oh Katana, I bet you couldn’t draw this!” (and shock and awe 20 minutes later when I can) and all in all a pretty lovely garden for my ego until someone with authority pulls me into the hall and says, “I know you catch on quickly, but it’s distracting. Could you put away your sketchbook?”

Shit. I guess I’ll have to quit this job too.

But there’s also some bonuses, and this week I took my mom to see a movie with popcorn and drinks on a Friday night, because I traded the $25.00 cupon for a portrait of one of the guys I work with. For half an hour of work, plus a bit of sketch-time, get-to-know-your face (while being paid $10 an hour) I would say that’s some pretty cheap entertainment.

Oh, and did I mention, I like to draw?
As an artist, you have skills and knowledge others envy and admire. My favorite definition of an entrepreneur is someone who makes money by helping others. See? A connection. I think that’s where the happy part is.

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