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Lady Gaga- why she’s Awesome

April 16, 2009

I really love Lady Gaga. I kindof love her more than Davey Havok, who is my barometer for Pretty Musicians. I like her story, – i like the things she says about why she does what she does and what goes into it:

“it’s important to care about how the music works… really a series of art installations… the fashion and the music and the dance and the lighting and the technology everything is there for one another…. mixing the theatre and the art world…

the first thing that you should ask yourself is if there’s any other thing in the world that you could do that could make you happy, and if the answer is “no” i must create, than this is your destiny… ”
–lady gaga

With an attitude like that, it wouldn’t matter to me if I didn’t like her music. She’s a determined, hard-working artist who is one of those overnight successes with years of unappreciated hard work behind her.

I think she’s a person to emulate, but I am not going to recommend go-go dancing for uninterested strangers as a method of success, unless you have her passion.

She wrote for the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears- a large scale example of guest posting on other people’s blogs.

I love her whole album, “the Fame.” Her whole attitude through the lyrics is determination, confidence, and success under a thick layer of lipstick, liquor, and sex.

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